Business and Operations

American Property Guard (APG) was formed in the fall of 2012 to automate County Tax data inquires for property title transfers.

  • APG utilizes 100% onshore in-house programming, fulfillment and customer service.
  • APG’s new technology automates the location of a property’s county account information and acquires associated data from taxing authorities.
  • APG is integrated with RamQuest, one of the nation’s largest title origination software platforms, allowing for extreme ease of ordering of tax and HOA information from within title work.
Real-time data

Fast, Accurate, and Up-To-Date

APG guarantees the accuracy of certificates, includes CAD screens for your records, allows ordering multiple times per closing, and provides pay “only on close” billing models. Orders are verified by a highly trained quality assurance specialist and returned to the customer in minutes. The depth of APG’s experience comes from the urgency to develop and deploy successful automation used to collect millions of bank orders during the housing crisis.
When It Counts

Reduce Risk and Gain Efficiency

Customers click and order real-time property tax certificates and plat maps. APG’s proprietary system identifies taxing entity records which allows retrieval of real-time data used to generate property tax certificate and plat documents. This provides a huge advantage over traditional property tax certificate generation that relies on weekly, bi-weekly or often monthly bulk tax role purchases from counties. Some certificate providers require customers to send an email or call in their order request. This may cause a several day delay with closing date. APG uniquely provides real-time accuracy delivered quickly to the web, via data or RamQuest title origination system directly back into the original order placed through Closing Market.

Everything You Expect in Documents and More

Every APG property tax certificate, in addition to ease of ordering includes: fast delivery, quality assurance inspection, guarantee, multiple ordering per property, bill “only on close” pricing models and unexpected extras.
Everything you need

Extras? Included!

  1. CAD Evidence File
  2. Web order portal reflecting tax cert order history with the option to reorder and add plat on same property
  3. Map views of property
  4. Additional County data calculations such as County calculated price per square foot
  5. Property Latitude & Longitude

American Property Guard (APG)

  • APG delivers “real-time” property tax and HOA information, allowing our customers to meet and exceed new lender turn-time requirements.
  • Our unique “no-lookup required” property tax generation system facilitates integration with title origination platforms and automates daily workflows.
  • The APG development team utilizes the internal experience of the automation of tens of millions of bank orders on residential real estate and developed a proprietary system that automates county data collection. We capitalize on our abilities to work with large data sets, manipulate the mapping of said data, and server automation in real-time.
  • APG is a company who has a clear mission to develop people, not positions, within our organization. We care about the place we work – the attitudes naturally carry over to the customers. APG prides itself on bringing great local customer service back to Tax and HOA delivery.

Leadership Behind American Property Guard

CEO, Andrew Kernan – 15 years of successfully building technology driven start-ups. Andrew invented new technological solutions to meet the challenges of a diverse set of industries. For the last 8 years, his primary focus has been on title origination and default space. During housing crisis, he built and ran a field service work distribution system for mortgage servicers which returned a monthly volume of 600,000 records with four million images.

President, Chris Flynn – 30 years of experience in business development for largest companies supplying title operations providing tax and title plant software and data services.

VP of Operations, Jacqueline Coffer – 14 years of experience overseeing all operational areas of a large rapidly growing agency.

Senior Tax examiners and Team Leads – combined 50+ years in title tax work with expertise in tax suites, plotting builder subdivisions, agricultural roll-backs, and more.