The LERETA Tax Services Suite

For more than 35 years, LERETA has been relentless in our pursuit of excellence as measured by performance, accuracy, speed and ease of use.

Fast and accurate tax data to manage escrow and non-escrow mortgage loan portfolios.

LERETA’s Standard Tax Service manages escrow and non-escrow portfolios across 22,000+ tax agencies. Our data automation and loan servicing system integrations maximize time and efficiencies while minimizing penalties caused by manual processes and inaccurate data.

  • Timely and accurate tax agency and parcel number identification for commercial, residential, and mobile home properties

  • Escrow tax payments remitted to proper tax authority, well ahead of economic tax due dates

  • Comprehensive tax status reporting and annual delinquency information

  • Customized delinquent letter services for non-escrow homeowners

Client Benefits
  • Quick access to extensive and real-time tax data in an easy to use web-based system

  • Simplified reporting, ordering and research of tax agency information

  • Simplified reporting, ordering and research of tax agency information

  • One-on-one training conducted by experts with access to LERETA University

  • Dedicated team for support

Flexibility and deep industry knowledge to supports niche loan servicing types.

Understanding the complexities of non-standard product lines and the nuances of their regulations eliminates clients’ pain points associated with a manual or minimally automated processes.

  • Reverse Mortgage Services

  • Tax Tracking: Manufactured Housing, Oil & Gas Commercial, Corporate Owned, Wealth & Trust

  • Proof of Payments

  • HUD Tax Certifications & Redemptions

A complete solution that manages back-end payment processing and front-end borrower inquiries.

With more than 35 years in the tax business and an average management staff tenure of 20 years, we are the industry’s most experienced tax service partner. Clients have total transparency into the process and the ability to measure our performance on a real-time basis.

Our flexible outsource solutions can handle diverse business rules and the unique nuances of your portfolio and processes. We act as an extension of your team to provide a seamless experience to your customers.

  • Work performed inside or outside existing servicing system

  • Tax line set up (optional service)

  • Timely payments, expanded refund check processing

  • Tax payment exception and delinquent reporting processing

  • Letter services

  • Call center support (optional service)

LERETA offers customized call center solutions that help clients address the diverse and complex nature of real estate tax calls while delivering the best customer experience.

LERETA has invested in the latest call center cloud technology. This solution, combined with LERETA’s industry leading Total Tax Solutions system and experience, allows LERETA to quickly scale to client needs.

Our technology includes speech analytics, voice and screen recording options, integrated SMS functionality, call calibration and quality evaluations services, and more. Our Team is highly trained and responsive.

  • Real time reporting

  • Loan servicing system agnostic

  • Flexible hours of operations with 100% US-based support team

  • Bilingual Call Center (English/Spanish) as well as translation services available

Specialized solutions that cover the full loan servicing life cycle.

Flexible and scalable to fit your unique needs

Delinquency Reporting

LERETA provides a full range of delinquency services and reports to protect collateral with automated delinquency search:

  • Tax Status Reports

  • Date Down Reporting

  • Redemptions

  • Proof of Payment

  • Customized letter service to non-escrow homeowners

Loan Set Up & Audits

Missed parcels and agencies at loan set up can result in missed tax payments, penalties and interest, creating a lack of trust and reputational risk for servicers. LERETA streamlines the line set up process and provides trust and accuracy to decrease errors including:

  • Tax Line Set Up

  • Tax Line Audit Suite

  • ParcelPro

  • AgencyPro

Total Tax Solutions®

Revolutionary technology that closes the gap between tax service platforms and loan servicing systems

LERETA is changing the tax space. Don’t settle for anything less.

LERETA’s proprietary system, Total Tax Solutions®, revolutionizes a servicer’s ability to manage real estate taxes by bridging the gap between tax service and loan servicing systems, providing true visibility and workflows for each primary function. Total Tax Solutions decreases operational costs and risks leading to an improved borrower experience through seamless data integration.

5 Comprehensive Modules

All data is fully integrated with existing loan servicing software and business rules. This enables servicers to manage loan portfolios according to their procedures, investor guidelines, and risk tolerances.

Advanced Flood Tracking & Certification

Cutting-edge technology. Fully compliant.

Standard Flood Services.

With 35 years of experience and more than 14 million loans under service, LERETA has built a reputation for compliance, reliability, and extraordinary customer service.

LERETA’s automated flood database and manual exception processes are designed to provide flood certificates of the highest accuracy. Our flood experts have access to all the data and information required to provide the information needed to originate or service loans.

  • Single Flood Determination Certificates

  • Life of Loan Determination Certificates

  • Commercial Flood Services

  • Supplemental Flood Services