Business and Operations

American Property Guard (APG) was formed in the fall of 2012 to automate County Tax data inquires for property title transfers.

  • APG utilizes 100% proprietary in-house programming, fulfillment, and customer service.
  • APG’s leading-edge technology automates property location, county account information, and data acquisition from taxing authorities.
  • APG is integrated with RamQuest, ResWare, and SoftPro; so no matter what closing platform you use, we’re there for your team.
Real-time data

Fast, Accurate, and Up-To-Date

APG provides fully indemnified certificates with a CAD sheet included.  We feature free, unlimited updates, as well as billing options tailored to fit your needs. Orders are verified by a highly trained quality assurance specialist and returned to the you directly through your closing portal.  Our depth of experience and focus on urgency demonstrate our commitment to being members of your closing team, and not just a vendor.
When It Counts

Reduce Risk and Gain Efficiency

APG boasts one click ordering, directly through your closing platform. Our proprietary system identifies taxing entity records and provides our tax experts with up-to-the-minute data as they compile your tax certificate. The advantage is clear over traditional property tax certificate generation that relies on weekly, bi-weekly or often monthly bulk tax role purchases from counties. Some certificate providers require customers to send an email or call in their order request.  APG uniquely provides real-time accuracy delivered to you automatically.

Everything You Expect in Documents and More

Every APG property tax certificate, in addition to ease of ordering, includes: fast delivery, quality assurance inspection, indemnification, unlimited updates, bill “only on close” pricing models as well as much more.
Everything you need

Extras? Included!

  1. CAD Evidence File
  2. XML Available
  3. Rollback ordering via your closing platform
  4. Notice To Purchaser ordering via your closing platform